Nov 4, 2013

The Musings of TIME.

Well, hello ladies and gentlemen who still surf through this blog precariously, watching out for articles that are just too long and not worth the trouble. Well I can't blame you, long articles seem to get the best procrastinator out of me.

Start of Procrastinator.exe
Statement 1 - " I am going to read you tomorrow."
Statement 2 - " I am going to read you tomorrow after work."
Statement 3 - " I am going to read you tomorrow after work and dinner; before I go to sleep."

Go back to Statement 1 and loop every day.

Reading people seems like the best hobby so far, not many people can read a story out of a face. No, I am not talking about the myriad listings of people who can read your future from your face.(Wonder if pre and post fair and lovely ads confuse such people?)

It's a fairly valid idea, that our faces are programmed to couple vocal/written reactions with involuntary body reflexes. Reflexes that give out what you really mean. We all read it. It's not a superpower. Some people want you to notice and hence overtly do it. Yes. Now chuckle a little, you know those people.

People tell me that I've changed. I tell you, there is a good reason for it. I am still on the lookout for it. Trust me as soon as I find it, I will let you know why.

On a personal front, have you ever had a day when you think you're living a dual life, like the dual boot system of a CS engineer we all pity. What makes dual lives interesting is also what makes it dangerous.

How do you draw the line? How can you effectively say "This is not me. This is also not the other me." Try saying that sentence to the crowd at large and you'd be pinned for a fool whose thoughts merit a sigh and an occasional remembrance of the syntax by the ever so friendly grammar Nazi.

Right now, as I reread this post, it's a lot of fragments. I don't know if the pieces fall right into their places in your brain or not. For now, I am one of those fragments. Okay. A big chunk of the fragments. (Remind self to go to the gym park and breathe in deeply for a few months to come.

Looking for inspiration..


Sincerely yours
The Indian Multinational Employee. (TIME)


krish said...

haha!! a lot of fragments though.
was expecting something of this sort from you for a while now.

Anyways, ISRO lake, me u n manja...all your questions will be answered i guarantee!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Gosh..! Love your english...!! Too good.. ♥
-Swathi Priyanka