Apr 15, 2014

Why reading isn't reading anymore.

4:05 on a chilly Tuesday morning. The chaps next to me have dozed off cozily on their chairs.

What keeps me awake? The simple fact that I managed to bundle enough sleep before the shift started. Well, I don't blame 'em. Not many people can pull off a night shift whilst balancing their daily and family activities.

So, much of my blog has been about pieces that I pen/type down whenever I feel like it. I always assumed that showcasing my works to the larger audience would improve the content I ended up delivering.

Such is not the nature of the human soul in the 21st century. Reading has become a redundant system. 


Apr 10, 2014

My Woman from Tokyo

The distant lights of the Airport seemed to welcome my tired weary eyes, or was it the other way round. Too dazed to care, partially drunk and merely 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 was not the way I'd expected to land at the Airport to pick up a distant relative who could not comprehend why the city airport was further away from most things city-esque.

The parking lot was a hassle easily dealt with as I stumbled upon the pavement, luckily landing on the soles of my feet and not on all fours. The parking attendant was caught up in his own reverie to bother about my disheleved appearance.

I rushed to cross the street. And there she was.

The one who could be the one.


Jan 29, 2014

What is it about temples?

Despite being a self prescribed unitarian when it comes to religion, due to the religious inclinations of my family Ive been a  regular temple visitor. Not that any of the views were forced onto me.  Ive been a lucky chap when it comes to having a choosing what you wish to believe.

Yet there is something eerie about temples. The entire logic of a fixed location of God bothered me since I was a kid.

How can a person whos all powerful agree to be remotely resigned to a stone sculpture.  Shouldnt logic dictate that idol worship is not exactly the best sign of a faithful and religious man. Idol worship. Haha. That statue of Sonia Amma. Oh good lord. Just when you think things cannot hit a new nonsensical twist in India; it usually does.

Ive never had any major experiences of enlightenment. Maybe thats why I am skeptical of an existence of influence of God upon us. I dont deem his existence as a truth or as a lie.

When things go fringe, the only answer lies in the stories you wrap your head around. Maybe falsified constructs. Maybe a bit of self rigor to boost that never give up attitude.  Call it what you want but I think the word thats wrapped the world in a candy wrapper is faith.

What I do know is this. Despite the logic that I can surround myself with. Despite the many brazen encounters of coincidence or ironic happenings, there is a silence that speaks to you in a place of worship.

A silence that has never said 'fear me for I am your lord'. A silence so melancholy and pristine once you isolate yourself of the others around you, that it makes me wonder sometimes despite of all the atrocities carried out in the name of religion. Despite countless arguments we parry for and against religion, despite the excess spent on religion and not on humanity, despite all the wars in the world, if the entire concept of God is  simply that of a confidant. A confidant we seek, for a mental conversation for our deepest fears and aspirations.

Maybe God does work in mysterious ways. Or maybe I happen to believe in an entity whos all powerful and also a shrink.

Oh god. How pissed mom would get if God was Dr. Seuss!

Haha. Until another time.

Jan 28, 2014

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

How do you measure your life?

People have asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?". I always been wary of answering that question promptly. It's a trap if you answer too quickly. They will never remember what you said if you answer that question like you're at a shootout to save not only your life but your entire families' lives as well. (Haha. Forgive me for that analogy. My mind wanders. Attaching each unlikely scenario which pops up in my head with a twist of the old Desi Ekta Kapoor tadka that involves doing something for the family.)

So gist is. They forget. They nod. They hum. If you find a person of an opposite gender asking you that question and listening to you intently then date/marry/befriend/siszone her. (Choose based on how screwed your life is right now)

Dec 15, 2013

Nobody like her.

Very often, we see a lot of people who are in the same situation we are in; but the law of nature is quickly ignored by the self importance we credit ourselves with. Now, despite being in a similar situation, we spin off one particular trait that deems our problems bigger than what the next person is facing. So we go on drastically living our lives, comparing the difficulty we face to what we think the other person is facing. Each problem one delta addition to the list of Whats-wrong-with-my-life today?

"Who is beyond this stupid game of hyping problems?", you may ask me.
So let me write a poem to tell you about that person :)

Nov 4, 2013

The Musings of TIME.

Well, hello ladies and gentlemen who still surf through this blog precariously, watching out for articles that are just too long and not worth the trouble. Well I can't blame you, long articles seem to get the best procrastinator out of me.

Start of Procrastinator.exe
Statement 1 - " I am going to read you tomorrow."
Statement 2 - " I am going to read you tomorrow after work."
Statement 3 - " I am going to read you tomorrow after work and dinner; before I go to sleep."

Go back to Statement 1 and loop every day.